Outsourced Link Building for Agencies

Outsourced Link Building for Agencies

Keep Your SEO Clients Happier for Longer

Whether you just want some assistance on white hat journalist outreach or you'd prefer a turn-key, white-label full service SEO option, let's work together to give your clients the results they deserve.

Are you with a branding agency that offers SEO to clients, but struggles to find the time or resources to optimally build backlinks? 

It’s very common for agencies to become slightly complacent with SEO clients who are seeing solid growth from where they were at the beginning. With all of the Google updates targeting Black Hat SEO tactics, link farms and purchasing links, it can feel like there aren’t a lot of options to build links. Do we spend hours trying to gain links from paths that are often unsuccessful? Do we attempt to use gray hat options that aren’t being penalized? Do we accept the results knowing that at least the websites we manage don’t get penalized for any reason?

The last solution is the most common route for agencies. While this is safe in regards to avoiding penalization, it can become dangerous when a long-term client asks the question “but have you done for me lately?”.

Our goal is to help you as an agency retain your high value SEO clients longer and offer them a better service.

The First Google Panda Updates and Common Myths Around Link Building

When SEO was in it’s infancy, a lot of blackhat link builders spent a significant amount of their time learning how to manipulate the system and exploit the authority input for backlinks with Google’s algorithm. Eventually, Google was able to easily identify this type of manipulation and link pyramids, blogs created purely for the distribution of backlinks, article directories, blog comment spam, and other types of unhelpful, manipulative link building was penalized. When the first Google Panda Updates rolled out in February 2011. Websites which had been enjoying top 3 organic status for highly competitive keywords were suddenly nowhere to be found on search pages. This monumental algorithm shift permanantly changed the SEO landscape both in positive and negative directions.

The positive directions are obvious. The Panda updates punished the people who manipulated the algorithm in a way that did not benefit the end users. This created much better search results for the users of Google and helped ensure they actually got offered the most authoritative and helpful link in response to their search query.

The negative aspects of the Panda updates are more abstract. The fallout that ensued from so many websites being penalized so hard by the algorithms scared a lot of agencies away from link building. “Link building” was a term that so many agencies began to associate with shady blackhat tactics. While this was certainly the case in a lot of situations, it is also a fundamental part of creating real authority online.

Whitehat Link Building Separates Effective SEO from Ineffective SEO

Whitehat link building is hard, it is time consuming, and more often than not, it can take dozens of attempts with different credible opportunities to achieve the desired goal of a backlink to their client’s website. Whitehat link building is a skill that takes many years of practice and hundreds of rejections to improve upon to develop an edge. That edge is the biggest factor in what separates effective vs ineffective SEO.

white hat vs black hat SEO strategies 

Editorial Links

The most advantageous link building strategy we offer comes from attracting the attention of high end publications. We are not looking to spam articles about your clients on any website that will accept it, we only aim for high value targets when establishing link goals.

These high value targets vary depending on each client and each specific need. This could be focused on high traffic blogs that are specific to your industry/niche, high value resource links from complimentary businesses or features in some of the top publications such as Forbes, CNBC, FoxNews, Mashable, Billboard, CNet, BusinessWire, and dozens of others. Through many years of networking and experience, we have established a large network of writers and journalists who are ready to craft expert level content on your niche and put it in front of the most high value users possible.

Complete Outsourced SEO Campaigns

Do you specialize in branding or other types of marketing and just need help in delivering the best possible results for existing clients who need SEO? Let us help give your clients the organic growth results they deserve!

We will work with your team to ensure everything is properly optimized from start to finish, and we can help to establish goals and targets for future growth. We all have different areas of expertise, SEO is where we shine. Let us use our knowledge to help your clients with search engines while you focus on what you do best.

Proven Success:

SEO client - Levys Fine Jewelry
Over 30,000 Unique Monthly Visitors From Organic Search, Valued at over $50k/Month

Organically Ranked in the Top 3 of Google for:

  • “Vintage Jewelry”
  • “Art Deco Jewelry”
  • “Victorian Jewelry”
  • “Ruby Rings”
  • and Hundreds More…

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